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Express Your Style Through Personalization

Express Your Style Through Personalization

Charms crafted with an inspired intention for your everyday wear.

Wanderlust + Co’s charm jewelries are designed with the freedom of personalization – to celebrate milestones and journeys that are made truly by YOU.

Make It Yours is a 44-piece collection of 14K gold plated jewels - a subtle shade of champagne gold that has been customized to suit every skin tone. Each petite charm symbolizes light-filled dreams and treasured memories, easy to make it yours as a keepsake or a unique personable gift.

With 8 jewelry bases to choose from, you can layer your favorite initial, gemstone or cosmic charms onto bracelets, necklaces or earrings.

In this campaign, Wanderlust + Co shared the story of the collection by spotlighting five incredible women from diverse backgrounds, sharing their individuality through their own personal remix of charms.

Have a read on what each chosen charm means to them. Celebrating and embracing individualism is a mantra that is close to the brand’s heart, and these stories from the women spotlighted, serve as a reminder to embrace self-love and friendships.

Intuition. The very reason why I took a leap of faith leaving Brazil and exploring the world through the lens of an empowered woman – Giovanna Massaneiro, Fashion Model

The Rise charm holds something special. We need a reminder to always wake up with a new hope and rise to a better tomorrow – Abby Asma, Fashion Model

I chose the Strength charm for I have always risen from the hardest of falls. This makes the perfect reminder to never give up – Iman Yagoup, Public Relations

Balance. I find balance through meditation, helping me to achieve peace amongst my chaotic film schedule and personal life – Shir Chong, Actress

Learn how to remix your charms by taking cue from our global #WCOgirlgang:










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