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5 Ways to Style Gemstone Jewelry

5 Ways to Style Gemstone Jewelry
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Just like your favorite bags and shoes, jewelry trends come and go every season. While it’s easy to treat jewelry as an outfit afterthought – especially on days you’re running late for work – having the right piece can instantly transform your look. 

Seashells were a big trend for Spring and Summer, but this Fall and Winter season, affordable yet luxe looking gemstone jewelry is expected to make its return.

One of the most versatile items you can add to your wardrobe, gemstone jewelry brings personality and adds an instant glam to your basics.

Fresh from the launch of its Fall Winter 2019 collection Electric Dream, Wanderlust + Co explores 5 different ways to style gemstone jewelry.

Stack them rings!
If statement gemstones are a little too bold for your aesthetic and missing out on trends is not your thing, rings are a great yet subtle way to achieve the look without breaking the bank. Look out for delicate rings and stack them for that maximum gemstone effect.

W+Co Picks:

Kaia Ring Set


Introduce some color
Another tip for those who normally shy away from bright colored gemstones, you can opt for dainty necklaces studded with petite and soft-shade-stones for the subtle shine. Tip: Layer them to achieve a youthful vibe, a quick and easy way to play with the trend and elevate your personal style.

W+Co Picks:



Aurora Gem Necklace



For a night out
If a drop necklace is your signature look, consider wearing it with a plunge neck dress or blouse to best showcase your favorite gemstone jewelry. And for the fireproof Date Night ensemble, slip into a champagne satin dress, a silver gemstone hoop with an up-do that will draw attention to your face while showing off your earrings!

W+Co Picks:


Kaia Stardust Necklace

Skylar XL Hoop Earrings, Kaia Stardust Earrings


From office to brunch
Gemstone jewelry is typically styled for night time looks due to its statement finish, but if you feel like styling these babies for the office, we say why not? Go for just 1 to 2 minimal pieces that will complement both your office wear and weekend brunch outfit without shouting OTT. These are definitely daylight-friendly!

W+Co Picks:


Aurora Gem Bracelet


Zyia Lariat Necklace


Your favorite band T + ripped jeans
Gemstones are hardly synonymous with an edgy style but you’d be surprised at how this piece of jewelry can bring out that extra oomph in a casual band tee + ripped jeans. Steal fashionista @sincerelyjules style and add a unique twist to your look by piling on the shine where necessary.

W+Co Picks:


Zyia Choker Necklace, Kaia Lariat Necklace


Zyia Cosmic Earrings





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