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Nail The Effortless Summer Look

Nail The Effortless Summer Look

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Summertime – the time of year for seaside holidays, wanderlust adventures and easy-breezy fashion pieces. It’s also the time of year when everyone is off making travel plans with friends and family. Deciding on what to pack for your vacation is never an easy feat and it often requires more thought than the destination itself! #priorities

Inspired by the golden seas and seaside gems, Wanderlust + Co lists some must-have travel looks from its High Summer 2019 collection Daylight to complete your ensemble with a touch of that golden summer glow.

Summer calls for bright and bold outfits. Incorporating color in your jewelry is a great way to keep you looking vibrant and energized. Pair your summer wardrobe with cool toned opalescent glass stones, carefully hand-faceted in organic shapes to represent the vast colors and shapes by the ocean. These beautifully colored gemstones pieces have a waved surface that mirrors the natural flow of sea waves.

W+CO Picks:

Skye Drop Earrings, Soleil Gem Earrings, Gili Lariat Necklace, Soleil Gem Necklace


Versatile Pieces
When packing for vacation, many people opt to skip out on jewelry to keep their luggage light, but packing versatile jewelry that can be paired with both formal and casual outfits is the key to always looking 100% without going OTT. If you love the flexibility of charm pieces, opt for packing a collection of charm pendants and base jewelry to mix and match throughout your holiday, making your options limitless.

W+Co Picks:

Cowrie Shell Charm, Scallop Shell Charm, Starfish Charm, Make It Yours Necklace, Gili Charms Bracelet, Trust The Flow Ring



Minimalistic Pieces
Frequent flyers know that minimalist pendants are vacation essentials. Incorporating geometry through neckpieces and bracelets, that are easy to carry and minimalistic in look ensures convenience yet not neglecting style. Think layered necklaces - a must-have in your travel case that will go with all types of summer wear and can be worn solo or for layering.

W+CO Picks:

Seek For Light Necklace, Trust The Flow Necklace, Heart Always Necklace, See The World Necklace

Heart Always Bracelet, Someday Bracelet

The seashells trend has been all over high street fashion and it’s no surprise why! The nostalgic trend puts you right into an island state of mind – is there any other jewelry so perfect for this time of year? The Seashells series by W+Co brings summer to life with its 11-piece collection of petite seaside gems. The intricate yet wearable Como Charms Necklace and the Como Shell Earrings, are the perfect pairing for any sun dress.

W+CO Picks:

Como Charms Necklace, Como Shell Earrings, Como Shell Necklace




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