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The Art of Layering Jewelry

The Art of Layering Jewelry
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From medallion jewelry came the return of the layered jewelry trend. A sure-fire way to add a statement to any outfit, layering has become an art that any girl can easily replicate. If layering multi necklaces is not your thing, here is a quick tip: get yourself a pair of dual or triple layered necklaces like our Stella Layered Necklace or Reverie Necklace.

Basically, layering done for you!

Take inspo from @jessiekhoo, @leslielin and @rutaenroute, and build your own layered ensemble.






Heart Always Gold Necklace


Trust the Flow Gold Necklace



Galaxy Charms Silver Necklace

Astra Gold Locket Necklace




Stella Gold Lariat Necklace



Rosa Gold Necklace



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