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Meet Att and discover her #30daysofWCO

A self-taught makeup artist who specializes in make-up for women including those who wear the hijab, Att Yusof uses her social following and influence to share her enthusiasm for beauty and life’s adventures.

Life mantra…

“I live by this quote, “hustle demi hasil”, which in direct translation means hustle for your reward. On tough days, I use it to remind myself why I do what I’m doing, and where I want to get to.”

“I wore my demi-fine piece when I went rock climbing, and accidentally put it into the washing machine after - it emerged fine, and looks as good as new!”

- Att, on her demi-fine jewelry piece

Her favorite beauty product

“Gloss…definitely gloss”

Drops of Saturn Sterling Silver Ring

The Drops of Saturn Sterling Silver Ring is a gold vermeil piece, set in the shape of a crescent moon. This stackable ring features a single opal stone and two mini white topaz gemstones, set alongside a petite star. Inspired by cosmic beauty and the magic of the universe.

Discover Att's Look

Dancing In the Moonlight Sterling Silver Bracelet

Of moonlit nights and starry skies. The ethereal Dancing In the Moonlight Sterling Silver Necklace features natural pearls and petite cubic zirconia stones on 14K gold vermeil setting.

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