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Meet friends and work partners, Suek Mei and Adrien

Friends and work partners, Suek Mei and Adrien, have found the perfect balance of harmony in their professional careers and personal lives. Celebrating each other’s individuality and talents, whilst always seeing the light of the end of the tunnel, has allowed them to persevere both as individuals, and also as an establishment, keeping each other’s spirits lifted through the thick and thin.

Suek Mei

On what this campaign means to her, Suek Mei shares, "It’s all about embracing our true self and not being ashamed of who we are. To celebrate individuality."


To Adrien, this campaign means "having the compassion for the community to grow together and no one gets discriminated. At the end of the day, we can be unapologetically you."

"Today I choose to be the embodiment of gentleness and kindness. I will allow trust, friendship, community and love to surround me"

- An affirmation inspired by the Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace, worn by Adrien

Discover their jewels

Suek Mei wears the Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace, and
Adrien wears Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace

Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace

Selene is the goddess of the moon, and was said to bring light to the sky. The Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace features a moon phase cut out and an embellished falling star motif. The necklace also features a crescent moon charm on the brand’s standard chain necklace. Wear the Selene Goddess Necklace as a reminder to seek love and live in hope for magical days ahead.


Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace

Antheia is the goddess of nature and blossoms. She stood for trust, friendship, community and love. The Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace features an irregular shaped pendant with a goddess etched, strung on a petite harper chain necklace. Wear the Antheia Goddess Necklace as a reminder to embody grace and kindness as we journey along.

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