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    Wanderlust + Co is a jewelry label for dreamers and lovers.
    By inspired hearts for your daily adventures, each piece is designed to keep your jewel game strong. Celebrating what it means to be a girl in a digital world, we live to create pieces for our bold, forward thinking global audience.



    As a brand and company, we stand for the idea of always seeking for beauty in things. Inspiration is everywhere if we are open to it, wherever we may be. The word Wanderlust stands for the desire to continuously seek and to have a growth mindset. That ethos is reflected in our uniquely hand-crafted jewels, which serve as a positive daily reminder for the wearer.

    Join the #WCOgirlgang and discover adventure in your every day.

    About Jenn

    From little things, big things grow…

    When Wanderlust + Co was just an idea in a bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, never did I imagine that one day our jewelry pieces would travel to accessory lovers globally. As we continue to keep things fresh for today’s digital girls, the core of our design and sourcing process remains - that is, to make beautiful and affordable accessories inspired by intuition and individuality, without sacrificing comfort or quality. Many thanks to our retail partners, customers, and #WCOgirlgang for being on this journey with us. YOU are our motivation and ultimate inspiration #WCOgirlgang

    Jenn Low
    Founder & Managing Director

    About Our Jewelry

    Our design journey begins from the drawing board to being carefully hand-crafted by our artisans. Always with a story to tell, our unique pieces are lovingly designed to empower and inspire, and made to be conversation starters.

    Wanderlust + Co jewels are Nickel-free and are put together by hand using a variety of high-quality materials, including cubic zirconia stones, glass beads, brass metal, stainless steel and 14-24K gold plating. Moved by individuality, our pieces are often etched and embossed with intricate motifs unique to each collection - keepsakes for your everyday wear.


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