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Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

We work with jewelry artisans that have years in handcraft experience. Together, we responsibly deliver you quality pieces and beautiful stories you’ll love.

Let’s put some faces to the experts behind every single jewel that leaves our factory. Our ethos is to create pieces with people in mind. We are dedicated in building a safe space for our makers, and to only work with suppliers that are committed to global ethical trade standards.

All of our factories are SA 8000 and ISO 14001 certified. In short, they practice fair treatment, adheres to health and safety compliance, fair working hours, fair wages and also efficient use of resources to protect environmental performance.

Our passionate and dedicated jewelry makers help bring our dreams and vision to life, where beautiful and quality pieces are what matter the most. Our artisans handle everything from wax moulding, stone setting, and polishing every single piece to perfection by hand.

Today, we are more committed than ever to the core of our brand story and design process - to make unique yet affordable pieces inspired by intuition and individuality, without sacrificing comfort or quality.

We are always grateful for our #WCOgirlgang around the world, who have joined us on this journey and continuously inspire and motivate us to create consciously. We hope this little peek into how your favorite jewelry came to life brings you just as much joy, as it did us.

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