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Say hello to the Wanderlust + Co Rewards program, a thank you to our #WCOgirlgang community across the years, and designed to give you back a little something each time you shop with us!
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Club Access

Sign up for an account to start collecting exclusive points
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Earn Points

Receive points for activities on site
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Enjoy Your Rewards

The more points you collect, the more treats you’ll enjoy!
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Way To Earn Points


Create an account

75 points

Place an order

US$1 = 1 point

Birthday gift

150 points

Share on Facebook

30 points

Follow on social

30 points

Write a review

10 points

Our Point System

300 points
US$10 off
500 points

US$15 off
1000 points

US$30 off
1500 points

US$50 off
3000 points

US$100 off


Give 15%, Get 20%

Time to treat your girl gang with 15% off their first Wanderlust + Co order with no minimum spend. In return, you get a code for 20% off your next order for every friend who makes a first-time purchase! Refer & earn more!

How it Works

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Share your link

Get your shareable link from your account

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Your friends gets 15% off their first order

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You get 20% off for every friend that makes their first purchase


What is Wanderlust + Co Rewards?

Wanderlust + Co Rewards is Wanderlust + Co’s loyalty program, a thank you to our #WCOgirlgang community across the years, and designed to give you back a little something each time you shop with us! You’ll collect points from activities on our website, such as placing an order, writing a review, or even celebrating a birthday! The more points you collect, the more benefits you’ll enjoy.

How do I join?

It’s simple as can be - just create an account with us and you will receive 75 points to get you started! If you’ve previously created an account, you’ve been automatically enrolled (P.S. - we’ve already given you some points to start!) and can start collecting points.

Don’t forget to input your birth date within the Wanderlust + Co Rewards widget here, to receive your birthday treat from us!

Note: You must input your birthday at least 30 days before to receive your reward.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned by performing certain activities, as per below:


Points Earned

Create an account

75 Points

Place an order

US$1 spent = 1 Point

Birthday gift

150 Points

Share on Facebook

30 Points

Follow us on social

30 Points

Write an review

10 Points

Happy shopping!

How do I redeem my points?

You can choose to spend your points at the checkout, but please ensure you are logged into your account. Once you have at least 300 points, you’ll have the option to redeem your points starting with a US$10 voucher. You can redeem your points with vouchers here.

Once you reach the eligible number of points, vouchers will appear redeemable under the ‘Your rewards’ section of the dashboard. Simply click ‘View’ —> ‘Redeem’ —> and proceed to click ‘Apply code’ or copy and paste it at the checkout. You’ll be able to access your unclaimed rewards at any time under the section ‘Your rewards’ in your loyalty dashboard. The code will also be sent to your email where you also copy and paste it later. Please note that points will be deducted accordingly from your account upon redeeming a reward.

Once you have opted to redeem your points for voucher(s), the process cannot be reversed and your points will not be reinstated.

Number of Points

Value of Voucher

300 Points

US$10 off

500 Points

US$15 off

1000 Points

US$30 off

1500 Points

US$50 off

3000 Points

US$100 off


Do my points expire?

Yes. Points expire within a year of points collection.

Can my redeemed Wanderlust + Co Rewards vouchers be used together with other discount codes?

No. Unfortunately, voucher code stacking is not allowed in a single order.

Will my collected points remain in my account if I cancel an order?

No. Points will be automatically deducted from your account once an order is cancelled.

Can I leave the program / Can I return to the program if I have changed my mind?

If you no longer wish to be part of our Wanderlust + Co Rewards program , kindly contact us here and ask to be un-enrolled. Please note that you will lose all the points you have accumulated. We’ll be thrilled to welcome you back should you wish to change your mind, but do note that your previously accumulated points would no longer be valid, and you would need to start collecting your points afresh from 0.

Will I get my points refunded if I return an item that used my loyalty points to purchase?

Yes. The points will be refunded to your account if an item is returned and refunded. If multiple items were purchased, your points will be calculated by dividing the points evenly across your order, rounding it up to the closest number, and will be refunded according to the item(s) that are returned. Please note that this process will usually take 1 - 3 working days upon receiving your returned product to complete. Kindly reach out to us here for support or more information.

Can I collect points or redeem my rewards at your offline stores or pop-ups?

No. This program is currently only available and valid online at

Will the Terms & Conditions change from time to time?

Yes - Our rewards program structure may be subject to change from time to time at Wanderlust + Co's sole and absolute discretion.

What rewards can I earn from referring a friend?

After every successful referral, you will receive a code via email for 20% off applicable on your next order with no minimum spend.

What counts as a successful referral?

In order for referrals to count, they’ll need to be a new Wanderlust + Co customer and successfully make their first order using your referral link.

Do my referral rewards expire?

Yes, referral rewards are eligible for 6 months from the date you receive your code via email.

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